Hi there! My name is Rufina. I am a Toronto-based home cook.

Med school grad, 2018

I dedicate this blog to my mother who left us too soon. She bravely immigrated our family to Canada in 2001 in search of a brighter future for me and my sister. She was a generous, gregarious spirit that everyone fell in love with, a Master of Architecture who left her blooming career to dedicate herself to be a full-time mother. She was my best friend and fiercest protector. My life’s goal is to make her proud.

Eunjoo Susanna Ko, 1967-2007

My journey in cooking began in undergrad when years of sedentary lifestyle and only eating processed foods and takeout caught up to me. After a bitter breakup, I decided to take charge of my life and committed to exercise. The cooking soon followed. What started initially as a means for weight loss and a healthier lifestyle became a full-on passion. I started my Instagram account @rufi_eats in 2016 and it has truly been a runaway process since, as I connected with other home cooks from around the globe to inspire me to push my limits every single day. This blog is a way to document some of my tried-and-true recipes and share with the world.